Interview with Laura from Quit Wining

Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with Laura Ward from Quit Wining. She is a certified life and recovery coach and a lovely person. Please take a moment to visit her site, check out her blog and read/watch the conversations she is having with others in recovery. She is doing excellent work!

Next month, I will be celebrating five years of sobriety. It is a milestone and I am very proud of it, however, I actually celebrate my sobriety every day I have been sober! I do hope you all are doing well. I am sorry I haven’t been as active in the blog community as I once was. Not much has changed in my life since I last checked in, except that I find my passions to be deeper and more meaningful because I am one hundred percent my authentic self every single day with no interference from alcohol. I don’t miss bargaining with it or myself or whatever I was doing when I was trapped in active drinking. I’ve gotten on with my life and I truly enjoy “just being.”

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